Fair 7 march

On a charitable fair in the KSCA volunteers have collected about 24 000 UAH for the support wounded soldiers

This is the 16th event, which was organized by the CF “Dnipro Initiative” in support of Ukrainian military who were wounded in the ATO.

On the fair was presented the products in the style of hand made by the best masters of the capital: the exquisite decorative objects in the style of decoupage, unexpected original souvenirs in the form of painted shells, spring colorful wreaths, women’s jewelry, cute children’s toys.

Each of the purchased items at the fair can warm someone’s home with bright hopes, warmth and love of the author. Because wizards involved in our fairs are volunteers also and by call of their heart always make contributions to the common boxes after the trade. As a rule, they leave themselves a little compensation for the material.

Pleased to note that there are even members who refuse to remain with the slightest penny. In particular this applies to volunteers who support our fair with tasty fresh pastries.

Bright atmosphere for a holiday was created by the performances of children’s ensembles and musical groups. The audience applauded heartily artists, because each performance from the scene reminded us of the unity of the country, the desire of people in the spring and the peace, the love of their land and the underlying values ​​which descendants will measure our actions and will inspire their dreams.

Real buzz was created by the master classes. To them joined both children and adults. On the event they could made a yarn doll, own guardian-mandala, original colorful wreath. It was nice to see how hard at work at the tables volunteer seamstresses, where guests of the fair was taught to cut and sew underwear for men. At the separate table could tried to tie socks and special gloves for the military. After all, although spring is smiled on us with the sun, we should not forget about the cold nights and field conditions in the east and the variability of the weather. The warm clothes are necessary for a soldier!

Many visitors with great enthusiasm supported the production of the joint efforts of camouflage nets, that will be sent to the ATO soon. Masters willingly taught the secrets of weaving everyone who wanted to create with own hands extra protection for the Ukrainian military. Particular attention was paid by the female volunteers for the children which weaved camouflage nets. “We don’t have any choice, because it is for the soldiers who protect us all” – explained the children.

Visitors of the charity fair tried to keep up with the children and at the first opportunity to join master classes, to test their skills and to try on a new experience for the future.

Team Charitable Foundation “Dnipro Initiative” received a lot of great feedback from guests and participants of the fair “The Support for the wounded soldiers” and thanks for the kind words, a private indifferent, good deeds and sensitive heart!

Thanks to the active media that responded to the invitation to attend the event and provided our charity initiative the information support!

On the event the volunteers have collected 23,930 UAH and 500 rubles. The principal amount of funds will be spend for the treatment of the 5 seriously wounded soldiers who are fighting for their lives in the capital’s burn center. The remaining funds will go to the needs of the hospitals at the front.

Are grateful to everyone who does not remain on the sidelines of today’s events and who with the whole heart is a fan of our soldiers and the overall victory!

Join now! Together we can do more!

Team of the CF “Dnipro Initiative”


Signed the memorandum on cooperation between CF “Dnipro Initiative” and the Dnipro State Administration

In order to implement public policies aimed at maximizing the involvement of the social work of the volunteer movement in support of the Ukrainian army, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries in the ​​ATO, the Dnipro district administration and charitable foundation “Dnipro Initiative” signed a memorandum on cooperation.

Activities that was planned by the agreement, also include the organization of support to displaced people living in the Dnipro district of Kiev and partnership with other social and cultural projects.

Jaroslav Gorbunov, chairman of the Dnipro district administration

“The work of NGOs in the Dnipro district and the support that they provide, can not be overestimated. The memorandum with the CF “Dnipro Initiative” is ​​a logical continuation of our cooperation during 8 month. The effective result of such joint efforts could be the creation of a single focal point of the volunteer movement in the Dnipro district”

The memorandum confirmed the readiness of the Dnipro district administration further promote initiatives of voluntary organizations, the public and authorities. Cooperation is provided for general social projects in the humanitarian and social spheres and in the sphere of civil society institutions. It covers the possibility of providing financial, technical, humanitarian, organizational and methodological assistance.

Tatiana Velimovska, chairman of the CF “Dnipro Initiative”

“Volunteering is a very powerful and extremely effective tool for shaping the modern foundations of civil society. This resource should enhance the efficient cooperation with local governments, to reveal its true potential. Together, we will defend their right of the free and strong country.”

Among the initiatives proposed by the charitable foundation “Dnipro Initiative” for the development of partnership – charity fairs, antique and art auctions, support for the warehouse for receiving all of need for IDPs from the East and for the division for weaving camouflage nets for the Ukrainian fighters.

The nearest charity fair “Support for the wounded soldiers”, which organizes fund foundation will be held on March 7 in the KSCA room from 11.00 till 17.00 with the support of Kyiv mayor. Money collected at the fair will be used to help military hospitals at the front and in Kiev.

1Dity pereselenziv

Your support to the children arriving from ATO is necessary!

All of us know how much it is need to grow up the kid, to put him on his feet, to put deep and significant values in his soul. It creates a basis for further life which will be able to help the child to find friends, to realize the plans, to build the country – to make the world better!

It is difficult calls for any family even in a peace time. And what can we say about current events when just a few kilometers from the capital of Ukraine her best sons is dieing, protecting the borders and the independence of the country.

Many families from the eastern regions are without livelihoods and must seek refuge and protection in other regions of the country, leaving their own homes. Many of them have nowhere to return – their homes have become ashes and bitter memories…

But one of the best Ukrainian traditions is people. Beautiful and strong character, rich in heart, responsive heart, sincere with their Help. They give hope across the country – from grandparents to future generations.

Even today, in times of crisis, every family will find in their cupboard something that can warm someone’s child. That is why, perhaps, our grandparents loved to repeat the saying “God gives the child – and will give all for the child.”

In the power of tradition – the power of the people!

Thanks to everyone for caring!

Tatiana Velimovska,

Chairman of the Board of СF “Dnipro Initiative”


Children from ATO very need toys and games, children’s clothes and shoes!

You can bring clothes, but in good condition.

Special thanks for new clothes!

Bring clothes to our warehouse: 18 а, Popudrenko Str.

To clarify the schedule of the warehouse back to the main page: http://di.org.ua

Attention! You can also bring clothes to any charity fair that we organize in the near future. Watch for our announcements!


Residents of the microdistrict Bereznyaki with BF “Dnipro Initiative” greeted the spring with good deeds

On Sunday, February 22, residents of the microdistrict Bereznyaki greeted Pancake Day with good deeds, visited the charity fair “Wounded soldiers” which was organized by fund “Dnipro Initiative” near Lake Telbin. Festive Mood was created by volunteers and about 15 participants that offered visitors their unique products: amulets, jewelry, souvenirs, toys, and delicious gourmet cakes for children and adults!

“Each product has a special meaning for the person who created it, and for the one who bought it. This is our common belief in the power of good and its victory “- explains the master of decoupage Svetlana Zachepilo.

Spent the winter as it should be – accompanied by disc “Musical hundred” and performances by local children’s collective, by the way – very nice and generous to the vivid emotions. They created a better dialogue with leading and on the tradition of Pancake Day they danced the rainbow dance to awaken the sun and to urge to warm every Ukrainian families.

The participants were joined by members of the Kyiv City Council Andrey Strannikov, Anatoly Velimovsky, Vitaly Roslyakov.

“We are all waiting for the spring in the hope of the peace. And we are all united in our sincere desire to help our soldiers back alive, – said Anatoly Velimovsky after commemorate hundreds of Heaven. – With the thought about living we will always remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. “

Charity Fair in the format of “open-air” from the foundation “Dnipro Initiative” occur in any weather. Our visitors are not just seen this. Everyone leaves here and gets a piece of true love, which lends strength to all who love the Ukraine and has it in they heart.

The funds collected will go to help the wounded and to support 12 Kiev Battalion. Thanks to indifferent residents of the microdistrict Bereznyaki, we also collected four bags of clothes for the IDPs from ATO.

Thank you to everyone who attended our event – for sensitive heart and noble deeds!

Until next time!

Roma_Ojegovyj center

Don’t give up! Even when there are no forces…

Roma – first wounded arrived in Kiev from the east and one of the hardest, who was hospitalized from ATO. When he was taken to the burn center of Kiev, he had 85% burns … The fact that he survived is for the doctors like God’s blessing.

Top surgeons of the burn center of Kiev made him 20 operations. With the support of volunteers, NGOs and ordinary Ukrainians family was able to send him for treatment in the United States. There is still a long way to rehabilitation.

“His story has given hope to many people. Because we can not give up!
Never! Even when hope seems to be not sufficient strength … Our support here – just a drop in the ocean. But what is the ocean, if not a lot of drops?”- says Tatiana Velimovska, chairman of CF “Dnipro Initiative”.

Today, the other fighters need the support badly. The health facilities at the front need special support. They determine the fate of many families. Military hospitals, doctors are doing everything in their power. Volunteers are trying to do everything else.

Elene Egorova
Elena Egorova, volunteer of the burn center of Kiev

The result is very pleased. Roma is a fighter!

Thank Ukrainian diaspora in Bridgeport, all doctors and caring people who helped save him! He has already stood up, is walking, and finally is able to return to his family and hug his beloved wife and two daughters. Of course, he still need help – ours and yours.

Charitable Foundation “Dnipro Initiative” sincerely thank everyone who helps with fundraising to support wounded soldiers from ATO!

The foundation with the support of volunteers and colleagues from other public organizations established the warehouse for collecting humanitarian aid for the displaced from the Donbass, many of whom are children of different ages. Therefore, there is a great need for children’s clothing, toys, food etc.

More information can be found on our page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dniprovska.iniziatyva

Join now! We are happy to see new faces in our team!
Your funds, directly involved or any other support will help save someone’s life!


During three weeks volunteers wove 6 camouflage nets in the warehouse

It has been three weeks since the opening of the warehouse in Dnipro district, where we receive humanitarian aid for soldiers from ATO and IDPs. The project was organized by the charitable foundation “Dnipro Initiative” with the support of volunteers from “Kiev rear help”, and colleagues from the public association “Public Guardian”.

During this time, volunteers wove and sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine 6 camouflage nets and collected three boxes of aid to the wounded in the front-line hospitals. On the donations of people, volunteers purchased rubber slippers, shirts, knitted underwear, hygiene products, tea and coffee, and other things.

Thanks to the active support of the citizens – through the warehouse had passed about 3 tons of things for the settlers. Help was received by more than 40 families, in particular refugees from the Uglegorsk.

Among the last parcels – seven bags of clothes and toys for the children’s home in Debaltseve for children with tuberculosis. Separately – packages for 300 children from Volnovakha aged 2 to 5 years. Help was received by 22 children from Starobelsk district under the age of 1.5 years, and the children of Slavjansk.

“I can not believe that we have mastered a lump of work! Thanks to sensitize people and desperate volunteers we were able to quickly establish and organize the warehouse: receiving, recording and sorting things, logistics etc. There are days, especially on weekends, when a lot of people come to us. Everyone has something for our warehouse. We are constantly updating list of needs on our page on Facebook », – says Tatiana Velimovska, chairman of the charity foundation “Dnipro initiative”.

Now it is very necessary raw materials for weaving nets, says volunteer. This may be old stuff, certainly from natural fabrics in white, green, brown and yellow colors, was cut into strips. Synthetics do not fit strictly because seen in thermovisors. Moreover, it is highly flammable and melts – a high risk of burns.

Warehouse also collects aid for fighters from the 90 brigade APU (“cyborgs”) in which ranks – 600 people of Kiev, mostly residents of the Dnieper and the Desna districts.

Work in full swing. Enthusiastic enough. But need extra hands. Join now! Together, we’ll do more!

11Sklad z pryjomu rechey

In the Dnieper district started work the warehouse for receiving things for the Ukrainian army and settlers

In the Dnieper district of ​​joint efforts of volunteers of the Foundation “Dnipro Initiative”, NGO “Public Guardian” was opened the warehouse for receiving humanitarian assistance for soldiers and the settlers from ATO. Warehouse address: 18a Popudrenko Str. (near the Metro station “Darnitsa”).

On the first stage the warehouse will operate every Friday from 10 till 20 hours. Break from 13 till 15 hours. Phone 063 433 88 18.

Warehouse receives clothes for IDPs, food, children’s clothes, kitchen utensils, hygiene products, bed linen etc.

Warehouse collects aid for fighters from the 90 brigade APU (“cyborgs”) in which ranks – 600 people of Kiev, mostly residents of the Dnieper and the Desna districts. They need:
1. Thermal underwear (fleece);
2. Batteries (AA, AAA);
3. Boots with galoshes (such as “elephant”);
4. High boots;
5. The chemical warmers;
6. Hygiene (wipes, disposable tableware, etc.);
7. Sweets for stress (soft drinks, coffee, candy, honey);
8. cigarettes.

Warehouse also collects secondary raw materials for the manufacture of scrim – white (grayish, yellow, bright) natural fabrics (old linens, knitwear T-shirts etc.). Necessarily natural (all synthetics very well seen in thermovisors) and clean.

It is desirable to break (cut) them on tape width 4-4.5 cm. We need many raw materials!!


Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

We wish you happiness, harmony, love and joy under the Christmas tree to anyone with their heart so sincerely respond to the common affairs of the Foundation “Dnipro initiative»!

Let your warmest wishes come true! Let good deeds around you grow together both children and adults, helping and supporting each other! Let Christmas Angels will give to your dreams wings and confidence that they have reached the sky and flew even higher, to the stars! And let the light of your hopes and expectations, invincibility of your temper and depth of your tireless heart will help defend and preserve the highest value of this great, broad, incomprehensible world – Human Life!

Most of all, we wish all of us good news!

Peace and greatness – for our beautiful Ukraine! For Its proud people – strong and free country!

Blessing of God, His bounty and caress – for every Ukrainian family!

Happy year and bright Christmas!


Tatiana Velimovskaya,

Chairman of the Board of CF “Dnipro Initiative”

Благодійний фонд «Дніпровська ініціатива» привітав поранених бійців АТО з Днем Збройних Сил України!

Foundation congratulated wounded soldiers with Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

December 6 Charitable Foundation “Dnipro Initiative” together with the volunteers of the International Charitable Foundation “Voloshko” congratulated wounded soldiers from ATO with Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, undergoing rehabilitation in hospital №11 Kyiv. 20 sets of warm fleece clothing, TV and washing machine were presented to the soldiers.

Vitaly Tilizhenko, coordinator of the ICF “Voloshko”:

“About the life of soldiers need to take care too that they are less painful. Therefore, the washing machine will be useful to them in the hospital because they are right from the front lines. TV will help accelerate the rehabilitation and fill the information vacuum. On the front access to information is difficult to find, but it is very necessary. Information unites them with us.”

“We are proud of our soldiers and wish quick recovery the guys and peace! Love and hugs for everyone!” – Said Tatiana Velimovskaya, chairman of the Charitable Foundation “Dnipro initiative”

Tatiana Velimovskaya, chairman of the Charitable Foundation “Dnipro initiative”:

“Guys are different in kind and age, but they all have no equal in courage and desire to be worthy defenders for their families and their country. So much hope in their words, so much power in his actions, that help me to become stronger. Therefore, together we do everything we can to support them and help defend our country with you in this unfortunate war imposed on us.”

Also CF “Dnipro Initiative” sended a gift to physicians of the 72 Belotserkovskaya motorized team – coagulator with a surgical knife. It together with the medicines and other assistance was delivered by volunteers.

Elena Egorova, volunteer:

“This equipment is very awaited, because it will help save many lives. It is difficult to understand the real value of it. I would like to underline the situation in Volnovakha. Medical Rothe have not sweet there – the wounded are in such conditions that simply does not fit in my head. The equipment in the hospital is outdated, all operations happen with great loss of blood…”

Belongings and equipment were purchased on means from sale of lots at a charity auction, which was held on December 4 by founders of the CF “Dnipro initiative” in the Kiev Antiquarian Salon, with the support of its organizers – the Kiev club of collectors on the Left coast and city council members and a group of volunteers. Thanks to the sincere efforts of organizers and participants of this auction has been collected about 40 thousand UAH.

Charitable Foundation “Dnipro Initiative” sincerely thanks all those who took part in the event and helped with the organization of the auction in support of the fighters in ATO and gave their lots for sale!

More information can be found on our page in Facebook

link https://www.facebook.com/dniprovska.iniziatyva

29 листопада Фонд прийняв участь в антикварному салоні

Foundation participated in tne Antiquarian Salon

November 29 we debuted on the antique salon. Bottom line is very good – 39 034 UAH.

It was very interesting, but not easy. Already at least because the salon began at 4 am!

Thanks a lot to the organizers of the salon – Kiev club of collectors on the Left coast for kindly providing the venue for the fair.

Special thanks to Victoria Kustova for active participation and support. Her energy, vitality and desire to help others move mountains and melt the hearts!

It was the first joint charity event with members of the city council, who made a very significant contribution to the collection of items for sale and become very antiquarian buyers of rarities. Thanks for the active participation to Rene Nazarova and Irina Filonov.

And of course, thanks to the volunteers and the founder of the Foundation “Dnipro Initiative” Vladimir Bratchikova, Natalia Belyaeva, Zachepilka, Alexander Osadchyi who “bravely” lived this day: all time remained optimistic, energetic and full of positive mood, which managed to share with everyone.

After all, the idea that our efforts will help the children in the east, did all the organizational complexity like minor misunderstandings on the background of a big test only, that our country have to pass.

Thanks to our new participants – Stulen Catherine and her team!

And of course many thanks to Victoria Kuchirka, Marina Fomenko and Mary Osokin for the amazing cakes!

Oh, we were visited by Viktor Yushchenko, a frequenter of such events.