WAREHOUSE for receiving stuff

works at:

18а, Popudrenko Str.,(metro Darnitsa)

tel.: +38 (067) 325 52 82

from Tuesday to Saturday - from 11.00 to 17:00

(Sunday and Monday - closed)

DIVISION for weaving camouflage nets

works at:

12, Bazhov Str.,(metro Darnitsa)

tel.: +38 (093) 620 06 55

from Tuesday to Saturday - from 10.00 to 17.00

(Sunday and Monday - closed)

- chocolate, candy, sunflower seeds, raisins, dates, pitted, dried apricots, coffee, corn and peas in banks, dry beans, kidney beans in a mild sauce (no tomato), seasonings

- bandages, gauze, plaster

- washing powder

- boilers and Kettles

- cigarettes

- clothes - everything what need for a hospital (sweatpants, sneakers, T-shirts)

- shoes in good condition for the soldiers.

It is also necessary, cotton fabrics for underwear. Suitable bedding, diapers, etc.

Please! If the clothes are not new and pre-owned, wash and iron. Otherwise, the volunteers have to wash they yourself, because there is no water at the front. Take care about their time and effort!

- cereals, sugar, sunflower oil, homemade preserves, vegetables / fruits

- children's clothing in used (in good condition), as well as new - it is desirable to set it apart to send the children of fallen soldiers

- dishes: forks, spoons, ladles, colanders

- footwear: all of the season (except high heels!)


Do not bring men's clothing - we still have it enough!

Collect Natural White fabrics for weaving of camouflage nets.