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Your support to the children arriving from ATO is necessary!

All of us know how much it is need to grow up the kid, to put him on his feet, to put deep and significant values in his soul. It creates a basis for further life which will be able to help the child to find friends, to realize the plans, to build the country – to make the world better!

It is difficult calls for any family even in a peace time. And what can we say about current events when just a few kilometers from the capital of Ukraine her best sons is dieing, protecting the borders and the independence of the country.

Many families from the eastern regions are without livelihoods and must seek refuge and protection in other regions of the country, leaving their own homes. Many of them have nowhere to return – their homes have become ashes and bitter memories…

But one of the best Ukrainian traditions is people. Beautiful and strong character, rich in heart, responsive heart, sincere with their Help. They give hope across the country – from grandparents to future generations.

Even today, in times of crisis, every family will find in their cupboard something that can warm someone’s child. That is why, perhaps, our grandparents loved to repeat the saying “God gives the child – and will give all for the child.”

In the power of tradition – the power of the people!

Thanks to everyone for caring!

Tatiana Velimovska,

Chairman of the Board of СF “Dnipro Initiative”


Children from ATO very need toys and games, children’s clothes and shoes!

You can bring clothes, but in good condition.

Special thanks for new clothes!

Bring clothes to our warehouse: 18 а, Popudrenko Str.

To clarify the schedule of the warehouse back to the main page: http://di.org.ua

Attention! You can also bring clothes to any charity fair that we organize in the near future. Watch for our announcements!

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