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Don’t give up! Even when there are no forces…

Roma – first wounded arrived in Kiev from the east and one of the hardest, who was hospitalized from ATO. When he was taken to the burn center of Kiev, he had 85% burns … The fact that he survived is for the doctors like God’s blessing.

Top surgeons of the burn center of Kiev made him 20 operations. With the support of volunteers, NGOs and ordinary Ukrainians family was able to send him for treatment in the United States. There is still a long way to rehabilitation.

“His story has given hope to many people. Because we can not give up!
Never! Even when hope seems to be not sufficient strength … Our support here – just a drop in the ocean. But what is the ocean, if not a lot of drops?”- says Tatiana Velimovska, chairman of CF “Dnipro Initiative”.

Today, the other fighters need the support badly. The health facilities at the front need special support. They determine the fate of many families. Military hospitals, doctors are doing everything in their power. Volunteers are trying to do everything else.

Elene Egorova
Elena Egorova, volunteer of the burn center of Kiev

The result is very pleased. Roma is a fighter!

Thank Ukrainian diaspora in Bridgeport, all doctors and caring people who helped save him! He has already stood up, is walking, and finally is able to return to his family and hug his beloved wife and two daughters. Of course, he still need help – ours and yours.

Charitable Foundation “Dnipro Initiative” sincerely thank everyone who helps with fundraising to support wounded soldiers from ATO!

The foundation with the support of volunteers and colleagues from other public organizations established the warehouse for collecting humanitarian aid for the displaced from the Donbass, many of whom are children of different ages. Therefore, there is a great need for children’s clothing, toys, food etc.

More information can be found on our page on Facebook

Join now! We are happy to see new faces in our team!
Your funds, directly involved or any other support will help save someone’s life!

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