On a charitable fair in the KSCA volunteers have collected about 24 000 UAH for the support wounded soldiers

This is the 16th event, which was organized by the CF “Dnipro Initiative” in support of Ukrainian military who were wounded in the ATO.

On the fair was presented the products in the style of hand made by the best masters of the capital: the exquisite decorative objects in the style of decoupage, unexpected original souvenirs in the form of painted shells, spring colorful wreaths, women’s jewelry, cute children’s toys.

Each of the purchased items at the fair can warm someone’s home with bright hopes, warmth and love of the author. Because wizards involved in our fairs are volunteers also and by call of their heart always make contributions to the common boxes after the trade. As a rule, they leave themselves a little compensation for the material.

Pleased to note that there are even members who refuse to remain with the slightest penny. In particular this applies to volunteers who support our fair with tasty fresh pastries.

Bright atmosphere for a holiday was created by the performances of children’s ensembles and musical groups. The audience applauded heartily artists, because each performance from the scene reminded us of the unity of the country, the desire of people in the spring and the peace, the love of their land and the underlying values ​​which descendants will measure our actions and will inspire their dreams.

Real buzz was created by the master classes. To them joined both children and adults. On the event they could made a yarn doll, own guardian-mandala, original colorful wreath. It was nice to see how hard at work at the tables volunteer seamstresses, where guests of the fair was taught to cut and sew underwear for men. At the separate table could tried to tie socks and special gloves for the military. After all, although spring is smiled on us with the sun, we should not forget about the cold nights and field conditions in the east and the variability of the weather. The warm clothes are necessary for a soldier!

Many visitors with great enthusiasm supported the production of the joint efforts of camouflage nets, that will be sent to the ATO soon. Masters willingly taught the secrets of weaving everyone who wanted to create with own hands extra protection for the Ukrainian military. Particular attention was paid by the female volunteers for the children which weaved camouflage nets. “We don’t have any choice, because it is for the soldiers who protect us all” – explained the children.

Visitors of the charity fair tried to keep up with the children and at the first opportunity to join master classes, to test their skills and to try on a new experience for the future.

Team Charitable Foundation “Dnipro Initiative” received a lot of great feedback from guests and participants of the fair “The Support for the wounded soldiers” and thanks for the kind words, a private indifferent, good deeds and sensitive heart!

Thanks to the active media that responded to the invitation to attend the event and provided our charity initiative the information support!

On the event the volunteers have collected 23,930 UAH and 500 rubles. The principal amount of funds will be spend for the treatment of the 5 seriously wounded soldiers who are fighting for their lives in the capital’s burn center. The remaining funds will go to the needs of the hospitals at the front.

Are grateful to everyone who does not remain on the sidelines of today’s events and who with the whole heart is a fan of our soldiers and the overall victory!

Join now! Together we can do more!

Team of the CF “Dnipro Initiative”

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