Our Mission

Establishing an effective system mutual help in modern Ukrainian society for the development of a strong state based on the consolidation of the efforts of NGOs, by call of heart of individual citizens, good will of patrons and sincere devotion of volunteers.

Our goal

Consolidation of efforts of concerned people to provide general assistance to the citizens of Ukraine, who need it, in different regions of the country.

Current priority

Now the main priority of the Foundation is to help wounded soldiers from ATO, medical teams, that working in the area of anti-terrorist operation, and IDPs from ATO and the occupied territories.

Our Values

The axiom of our beliefs and fundamental value for the charity as a whole. What makes us human lies at the heart of spiritual values of humanity. The basis of the development of society, invaluable internal resource.
Life is a movement. Help should be timely and quality.
We trust each other, because we are sincere and honest in our intentions and deeds.
We do not aspire to be unique. We aspire to be effective.
Foundation leads an open information policy with regard to their projects, plans and assistance provided. We report about the involved and spent money always and collegially decide on the use of the resources that entrusted to us.


  • 1. Searching and implementation of various opportunities to provide timely effective assistance to victims during the ATO

    Ukraine and the world are faced with the question about war and peace, the future of our country and the safety of our citizens. Therefore, the main task for us today is a consolidation of efforts to help our defenders that invincible power of his character are fighting for Ukrainian independence in the confrontation with the enemy.

    We will do everything that Ukraine would be not lose its best sons anymore, and that they would be proud of the power of spirit and the support of his people.

  • 2. Involvement in a joint charitable project ordinary citizens as well as non-governmental organizations, volunteers, public authorities and sponsors

    In our own experience, we have seen how many people are willing to help. These people do not need to convince, persuade, encourage, motivate and explain why their help is badly needed. These people will do any work without expecting thanks and recognition. Their help is truly invaluable. However, even more results can be achieved by coordinating our resources with others - in joint projects and in constant dialogue with society.

    Join us, together we will do more!

  • 3. Providing of material support to IDPs

    Equally important is to establish a dialogue with the residents of Eastern Ukraine, who had to leave their homes because they do not agree with the policies of the occupation of these regions.

    We sincerely believe that our support to these people will strengthen their confidence of correctness of their choice and help to unite the country, will give all of us strength for the future development of our inner potential.

    Because the power of the people - in his unity!